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Forum is one of the best place to discuss about website development . Mobile Site Builders like Xtgem , Wapka are maintaining its own Forum for their members , Without having a forum they can’t maintain their members .

 These forums will help their members to discuss about mobile site building and all newbies can learn mobile site building easy . Like Xtgem and Wapka , There is lot of private forums are available for wapmasters . These forums could also be used for getting quality visitors to your mobile sites. If you are an active member of a forum you can manage to get free traffic flowing to your websites.

1. Wapka Forum

Wapka forum is maintained by wapka for its user . There are several subforums in wapka like “ask senior members” “free forum”  etc .Some sub forum are not very strict and you can post almost anything .

2. Xtgem forum

It made fo xtgem users . But you can post anything there even if it is not related to xtgem site.

3. Master-land

Master-Land is one of the greatest forum with 1000 of mobile site scripts . On Master-Land you can find 100’s of Auto-Index scripts to Develop mobile site .

4. Coding-talk

Coding-Talk is another forum which created for only mobile site builders . On coding-talk also you can find 1000 of mobile site development materials .

How to Promote?

You can promote your site in many ways.

1. Forum Signatures

In many forums like coding-talk the users can add a signature to his profile. This signature will be added below each post or comment that you make in the forum.

2. Promote a specific content 

You can always start a discussion about any content on your wapsite. Think that you have a website code in your mobile site listed for download then you can promote that page by directly posting about your code on the forum as a new thread.

3. Through your profile

A good profile always drags attention. First make a good profile .The sites that you need to promote can be added to your profile.The more active you are on the forum more visitors flow to your links.


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